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Dzhulay Oleg Nikolaevich, Lecturer, Institute of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (2 Kazanskoe highway, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia),

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Background. A number of factors contributed to the development of separatist processes in the North Caucasus in 1920s–1930s, it still retains its value now. Repeatability of events testifies to the existence of certain laws of historical deve-lopment. The purpose of the study is to consider the experience of counter-insurgency and banditry security organs in 1920s–1930s in the territory of the North Caucasus and to justify its relevance in the context of characteristics of modern hybrid wars and violent conflicts.
Materials and methods. The research tasks were implemented through the use of the documents extracted from the funds of the Operational Archives ADAP of Rus-sian FSB. Among the archival collections the author studied documentary materials containing: orders, regulations, instructions on how to organize the fight against banditry and insurgency; reviews of the political state and reports on the elimination of gangs in the territory of RSFSR; memoranda of counter-revolutionary rebel or-ganizations in the North Caucasus, on the elimination and investigation of cases of counter-revolutionary groups; orders and reports of mass protests, the situation and functioning of authorized representatives of OGPU in the South-East of Russia (the North Caucasus edge); operational and intelligence reports on the anti-gang struggle and others.
Results. The article considers the stages of combating rebel armed actions, the dynamics and nature of the armed bandit-rebel movement, reveals basic forms, methods, tactics and activities of the organs of state security of detection, prevention and suppression of terrorist acts, attempts to create bandit and rebel groups during the period under consideration.
Conclusions. The study of the experience of anti-rebel and banditry struggling has allowed to reveal the forms and methods of active insurgent resistance, particu-larly to reflect the activities of rebel gangs, show the main ways of preventing armed insurgency and counteracting it by public security authorities in the North Caucasus, which will make it possible to systematize the experience.

Key words

hybrid war, international terrorist organizations, gangster-insurgent movements, organs of state security, fight for caliphate establishment.

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